Last project for Rwd certification - portfolio

Hi everyone,
I’ve just finished RWD certification and I wonder what do you think about my portfolio.
Any feedback will be helpfull.
Best wishes. :grinning:

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It looks pretty nice. There were some interesting design choices.

The portfolio tiles don’t quite line up - I’m not sure if that was on purpose.

Looking at the code…


<p class="tile-skill invert">WordPress</p>

I don’t know if I would have used ps here, semantically. To me, something like a span would make more sense. I mean, with the right CSS it doesn’t matter functionally, but just functionally, the ps are for block paragraphs.

But all in all, it looks pretty good to me.

I guess (since I found so little to complain about), I would suggest working on your formatting. It’s not atrocious, but some of your indenting is a little inconsistent. In code pen, in the different panes you can select the pulldown menu in the upper right and select format to have it make it all pretty for you. In real life, it will be a lot easier because you can use a linter and prettier to automate these things, but still, it’s good to develop good habits.

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Thank you for your comment. I find them very constructive.
I think you’re right writing that I should use span elements instead of p. I focused most of my attention on project’s design so I missed a bit semantics.
Best wishes

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It’s really cool! I like your color scheme, and I like the hover effect that the project-tiles have. I wish I could do such complex, detailed design. Good job.

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Try to play a bit with flexbox, grids and position and you will create some eye catchy effects. :grinning:

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