Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 35

I don’t know what’s happening here i just follow the instructions and it said that,

The final section of this quiz will contain a dropdown, and a text box.

Begin by nesting a div with a class of formrow, and nest four div elements inside of it, alternating their class attributes with question-block and answer.

can anyone help me with this i tried my best but i guess i really need help im just a begginer at this things so i hope you understand

Please use the pre formatted post instead of posting a screenshot. Specifically, please don’t delete the actual code or the link to the Step

what you mean im really sorry im new to this

You clicked the 'Ask for Helpa button. You then deleted half of the content that was generated. Don’t do that please

oh i’m sorry my bad i’m new to this so i hope you understand

Hi there! Here’s the guide how to share your code manually you may find helpful:
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