Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 41

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Do not forget to give your form a submit button with the text Send

As you can see in the code I have added an input type submit with a value of send
but the hint keeps saying

You should add either a button or input element.

I’m really unsure I’ve tried resetting the lesson and rewriting it out numerous ways I don’t understand where I’m going wrong?

< input type="submit" value="send" >

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Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 41

< input  type="submit" value="send" >

Welcome to the forum @DipSimp

You have funky quotes around the attribute values.
Please replace them with regular quotes.

Then remove the white space after the opening angled bracket, and before the closing angled bracket.

Finally replace the lower case send with the first letter in upper case.

Happy coding

I had to do the space by the angled bracket so it would post the quotes are the same as the ones I’ve used in the lesson the whole time

The quote marks do not appear to be the regular ones.
Try using single quote marks instead of double.

If your code still does not pass, please post your entire code again, using the following method:

On the first line add three back ticks.
On the next line post your code.
On the next line add three back ticks.

Here is a single back tick `

as I said before they are the same “” quotes I have used before in the lesson

Please do not post screen shots as they are difficult to read, and the code cannot be copied to test.

Try copying the quote marks from earlier code and pasting them.
Also, if the tests do not pass, please post your entire code for the forum to inspect.

         <input type="submit" value="Send">


I think you need to put the submit button right before the closing </form> tag, and it should be a button element not an input