Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 45

I finished this, but I’m confused why it wants what the hint says:

“You should use the footer, footer a selector.”

Why can’t I use footer > a or footer a? I’m not sure how footer, footer a differs from footer a.

Step 63

Now, we cannot read the text. Target the footer and the anchor element within to set the font color to a color of adequate contrast ratio.

would be good to get a link to the challenge right about now.

But just going by what you have said:
a { will target all anchors
footer a { will target all anchors within the footer element
footer { will target the footer

So if you want both the footer and the anchors beneath it then (combine the two with a comma)

Oh my gosh I ate dinner and about to go to sleep and read this, and I can’t believe what a dumb mistake I missed. LOL

At the time it was being processed by my brain as footer footer a for some reason, ugh!!!

Also edited op to add the link to the quiz step, but no need to go there. I made a dumb mistake, but ty igi now. It was driving me crazy!

No problem. I didn’t realize I was spoiling the answer. So I removed it.

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