Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 51

i don’t know what it is that i’m doing wrong, it won’t take my code.
i searched other forums and i saw everyone writing the same thing as i did, the only thing i noticed is that this step to me appears to be n°51 but for other it’s n°50… maybe it has something to do with that? i can’t get past this part

Link to the challenge:

What does your entire code look like

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i’m sorry my english isn’t great and i don’t understand what you’re saying.
The rest of my code is perfectly fine and has passed! It’s just this one part. It says i need a section selector which i did put but it still won’t accept it
Again sorry for not understanding what you’re saying

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Your section rule set looks fine. Chances are you accidentally changed something else in the CSS and that is causing the tests to fail. You might want to reset the step to get the original CSS back and then add your section rule set again, being very careful not to change anything else.

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