Learn Advanced Array Methods by Building a Statistics Calculator - Step 22

it’s giving me this error If the array.length is even, your median variable should use the getMean function to calculate the mean of the two middle numbers. Your first argument should be the value of sorted at array.length / 2 , and the second at array.length / 2 - 1 .

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/* file: script.js */
const getMean = (array) => array.reduce((acc, el) => acc + el, 0) / array.length;

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const getMedian = (array) => {
  const sorted = array.sort((a, b) => a - b);
  const median = array.length % 2 === 0 ? getMean(sorted[array.length / 2], sorted[array.length / 2 - 1]) : sorted[Math.floor(array.length / 2)];

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const calculate = () => {
  const value = document.querySelector("#numbers").value;
  const array = value.split(/,\s*/g);
  const numbers = array.map(el => Number(el)).filter(el => !isNaN(el));
  const mean = getMean(numbers);

  document.querySelector("#mean").textContent = mean;

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Learn Advanced Array Methods by Building a Statistics Calculator - Step 22

Check the parenthesis of the getMean argument.

Happy coding

I don’t think it’s syntax error

It is not a syntax error. All I can say without giving the answer is to check the argument parenthesis.

I have double checked everything didn’t find anything

If you know where I am making a mistake please tell me i am stuck here

In the median variable the getMean function needs to take a parameter.
That parameter needs to be in the form of an array.

In the current form, the getMean function in median has parameters, but they are not nested inside an array.


Thank you so much Teller, I was stuck here for a while too and it never even occured to me to use as the getMean takes array as an input. Thanks again!

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yup was stuck on that too but checked the code above and say that it takes an array

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