Learn Advanced Bash by Building a Kitty Ipsum Translator - test not passing

" Same variations as the other kitty ipsum file. Append Number of times cat, cats, or catnip appears: to the kitty_info.txt file. Use the method you have been using. "
entering ‘echo -e “\nNumber of times cat, cats, or catnip appears:” >> kitty_info.txt’ into the terminal
expected output - test to pass and move on to next step
actual output - does not pass, cannot move forward
i have tried resetting the lesson, terminating the terminal, clearing c&c to no avail

Does the “Get a Hint” button work? (If you keep pressing it, it should end up giving you the exact command it expects which can be copied into the terminal)

It does and I’m entering the same prompt

in the picture above, the hint doesn’t mention a newline character, but your terminal shows an echo -e with a newline character in the string.
Do you see that also? (perhaps try to use the exact string?)

Edit: some other thoughts.
I see there is an empty line above the new one just added to the file.
Was that empty line from a previous step?
After you did the reset, did the kitty_info.txt file also get reset (so it doesn’t have the added line?)

does clicking on reset remove the line you just added?

yea, when i click reset it clears the line

i will try this exercise to see how far i can get.
I think it looks like you have hit a bug.
There is a ‘nuclear’ option to restart and try again mentioned in the pinned post in this forum. But I’m not sure if that interests you (take a look if yes)

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let me know how it goes for you and i may just have to do that, i appreciate it

I’m having the same issue in this level. Were you able to find a solution? Thx