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How to delete the entire project and start a fresh?

Register and login to the codeally.io site, then goto the Virtual IDE → playground to find the container for the course and delete it.

i have reset all the progress and starting from the first. when I am running the command as guided, the test is not passing. what is its solution?

Please post a screenshot showing what you typed and what the coderoad tab instructions are saying. You can use get hint to help you know what to type also.

Which command?
This one?

see it is showing that the ‘Test Runner Failed’

I have reset all the progress and starting the lesson from the first

it is showing like this. can you please guide what is the problem and how to solve it ?

The test doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. I would try and do a soft reset from the top left menu bar (green bar) and see if that helps.

done the soft reset. but it is showing the same error.

can you try to login to codeally.io and delete the container to start again? (i’m not sure if you already tried that)

how to do that. please guide.

I already gave those instructions previously when you asked:

i already deleted it

can you show me a screen shot of the virtual IDE playground after you delete the container?

this is the screenshot

see, the project folder is empty

that’s not the codeally website.

Please try to follow the instructions I provided.
Login to codeally.io and go to the virtual ide → playground and delete the course container.

thank you.

is this what you are talking about?

Thank you. Now, it is done. thank you so much.

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