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I am facing problem with -r command , I have tried every way . First i wrote " rm -r fonts" then i wrote " rm fonts -r" . None is working please suggest me the answer i m stuck on it since last 2 days.

reset the step, close the terminal, open a new terminal, try again

already did approx 2-3 times

other debugging steps here: Running the Relational Database Curriculum in your Browser

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I have already checked the youtube video ā€¦ at 11:37 they used the command " rm fonts -r " which passed the case. Now what to do i am so confused

try the debugging steps in the post

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thankyou for the help ā€¦ I turned my laptop off and then switched it on again ,then ran it again. It worked!

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Iā€™m glad it works now @singhpallu07!