Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate

im trying to start this course but im stuck after trying to sign in using codeally, stuck at Redirecting back to origin site

I am pretty sure many people is having this issue, including me. The devs are working on this matter. The link to more information is [COLLATION]: CodeAlly - Relational Database - #54 by Sky020

“¡Felicidades por ser la chispa que enciende la llama del aprendizaje gratuito! Vuestra generosidad y dedicación están transformando vidas y construyendo un mundo mejor. ¡Bravo!” :ok_hand: :100:

it might be an excellent step to install docker on your machine and run what’s lacking on that website locally until they fix its bugs, they’re an explanation for that (here), although, some steps as reopening and recreating containers, might be separated when you try them in your VS code.

what’s incredible about that, is that you’re able to save your progress in some files, and you’re able to access the required projects, so you don’t need to restart each step and test it again

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