I can’t get past this stage but think my code is correct:

Step 79

The default color of a link that has not yet been clicked on is typically blue. The default color of a link that has already been visited from a page is typically purple.

To make the footer links the same color regardless if a link has been visited, use a type selector for the anchor element (a) and use the value black for the color property.

a { color: black; }

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Welcome to FCC forum, I just reset this step copied and pasted your code and it passed, possibly you have something else causing it to fail, copy your code, reset the step paste it back in and hopefully that should work. Let me know if this works, happy coding.

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Yes that has worked now after a reset! Thank you.

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No problem at all happy to help, would like it if you could like my post or tick the solution box. Good luck my friend.

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