Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 121

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health = monster[fighting].level -= health;

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Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 121

In step 121 they ask you to do this:

Next, set health to equal health minus the monster’s level. Remember you can get this from the monsters[fighting].level property.

You should add Subtraction assignment on the beginning not at the end.

This is my code and it is failing

health = health - monster[fighting].level;

The code check might be looking exactly and only for the use of “-=”.

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Hello @Arn345 !

To add to the other good guidance provided, there is a small typing error in the code.

We all do this at times. I do it often, unfortunately.

health = monster[fighting].level -= health;

Should it be monster or monsters before the bracket?

Wishing you good progress.