Learn Basic OOP by Building a Shopping Cart - Step 39

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cartBtn.addEventListener("click", () => {
  isCartShowing = !isCartShowing;
  ? showHideCartSpan.textContent = "Hide" 
  : showHideCartSpan.textContent = "Show"


Would anyone confirms the above-mentioned code?

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Learn Basic OOP by Building a Shopping Cart - Step 39

When I test the code by clicking the cartBtn it works good, so what’s wrong?

Can anyone help pls…

The ternary expression should look like the following:

... = checksomething ? Value1 : Value2;

The variable.content goes in the front of the expression (before the = operator).
You should add just one code line.

This is guidance.

Thanks for your reply. As much as I know, in ternary we don’t have to use equal nor strict equal in case of boolean condition. please adv ise.

For example:

feedback === "yes" ? sayThankYou() : saySorry();

If feedback has the value yes , then the sayThankYou function will be called and executed. Otherwise, the saySorry function will be called and executed.

Use an analogy in approach to solve the task in this challenge.

Thank you once again. I did what you proposed, and still not working
isCartShowing === true
? do something

Please check

The instructions: “if isCartShowing is true, set the textContent to Hide , otherwise set it to Show”:

variable.content = If that card is showing ? Value1 : Value2; ... **guidance** again

Values given as guidance are actually “Hide” (if isCardShowing is true), and “Show” (if it is not),
‘variable’ is showHideCartSpan variable,
‘content’ is textContent.

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I got Thank you very much. :smile: