Learn Basic String and Array Methods by Building a Music Player - Step 6

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Not sure exactly what´s going on, but it seems like the code is clearing itself after step 5 and when I try to check my code it’s empty except for the new step 6 code. In the left part I get 1,2,3 lines of code as if I was just starting in step 1

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{id: 2,

title: "Still Learning",

artist: "Quincy Larson",

duration: "3:51",

src: "https://s3.amazonaws.com/org.freecodecamp.mp3-player-project/still-learning.mp3",}

Not sure I understand the issue.

But your code does not carry over between steps. Each step has seed code that is added to the starting code which is just the correct code from the previous step (not your code, just the correct code).

Yeah I get that, the problem is that my code from step 1,2,3… and so on is not added to the js seed code when I try to code step 6, therefore I get an error when I try to submit step 6. I have an empty JS.script with my new code from step 6.
I solved the issue by recoding steps 1-5 onto step 6 and then coding step 6.