Learn Css by Building a set of Colored markers Step 78

.cap .sleeve {
display: inline-block;

please what is wrong with these css block of codes

Please provide the link to the challenge.

You are missing a comma.
When you want to target elements from two different classes, you need to use comma when you list the classes.

Please, i’ve been on this for days…
where exactly do i place the comma

Commas go in between words…

For eg

.class1, .class2 {


.cap, .sleeve {
display: inline-block;

still not working

You might have made some other changes in the already given code which you were not supposed to make. Reset the challenge and perform it again.
And if it doesn’t work after doing the above steps then try running the code in incognito mode or some other browser.

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Since you are still stuck , I suggest you click on the ask for help button which looks like a question mark. This will allow us to see all the code and we can go from there.

yooo!!!..thanks the reset worked!! Thanks alot

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