Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - Step 14

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I have the blockquote element after the 3 p elements and can’t tell what im doing wrong since everything look like it should be where it’s supposed to. maybe im missing something?
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Challenge: Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - Step 14

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You didn’t put a backslash in the closing ‘hr’ tag.

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I am still getting the same error but thank you for pointing it out for me

Just fyi, backslash is not needed for self-closing tags.

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Please post your code in a code block like this:

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  <p class='quote'>The entire curriculum should be a series of projects</p>

Of course. I apologize. My mistake. :pensive:

Couple of issues.

1- they didn’t ask for the three p elements (you already have three paragraphs in the .text element already). So delete those
2- add the missing hr element (or just click check and see what the hint says about it)


Thank you so much for the help.

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/just in case if someone is stuck on step 14/

The entire curriculum should be a series of projects


Hi there, just wanted to make you aware: we don’t allow sharing of code solutions here for fCC challenges.

haha made exact same mistake))
Love the always helping community here!

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