Learn CSS grid by building a magazine

I am creating this post because I can’t pass the test for step # 14.

Step 14
After the three p elements within your .text element, create a blockquote element. Within that, add an hr element, a p element with the class set to quote, and a second hr element.

Give the .quote element the text **The entire curriculum should be a series of projects.**

The HINT is as follows: Your new p element should have the text The entire curriculum should be a series of projects.
I have looked over my code several times and can not seem to find an error.
I am hoping fresh eyes will find my mistake.
Here is my html:

                <p class="quote">The entire curriculum should be a series of projects.</p>

Any help would be appreciated.

hi, can you post a link to the challenge this relates to?


thanks for posting the link.
You’re gonna laugh but the issue is the period you have at the end of your paragraph text is not requested by this step. (delete it to pass)

Thank you so much for discovering my error. Frustrating that “.” caused all my grief.

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