Learn Git by building an SQL reference object bug?

Hi all, I’m working on the this project until the point of adding the rename key to the database object, CodeRoad keeps returning:

Your “sql_reference.json” file should have the correct properties and values

Even though I have tried copying the whole text from the hint (yes, i did leave an empty line at the end), the issue still persist . Any one have a suggestion on how to deal with this?

Here’s my json file:

  "database": {
    "create": "CREATE DATABASE database_name;",
    "drop": "DROP DATABASE database_name;",
    "rename": "ALTER DATABASE database_name RENAME TO new_name;"
  "table": {
    "create": "CREATE TABLE table_name();",
    "drop": "DROP TABLE table_name;"
  "row": {
    "insert": "INSERT INTO table_name(columns) VALUES(values);",
    "update": "UPDATE table_name SET column_name = new_value WHERE condition;",
    "delete": "DELETE FROM table_name WHERE condition;"

Thanks in advance.