Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object - Build an SQL Reference Object

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Module 1590.1
Squashing commits means that you will take a bunch of commits and turn them into one. This is helpful to keep your commit history clean and something you want try to do. Replace pick with an s next to all your commits except the one with the message feat: add column references. When you are done, save and exit the file. You will find yourself in another instance of Nano. Don’t change anything in it yet.

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I followed the instructions but it is not proceeding further. First couple of times, after saving and exiting the NANO editor, it started another NANO session without a message that the previous module was a success. Then I had to reset the module but the after saving and exiting the NANO session, it is taking me back to the terminal.

I had to use git rebase --abort and to make sure it was in line with the main branch , used the command git rebase main.

I’m just stuck by doing the same thing again and again without any progress

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Challenge: Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object - Build an SQL Reference Object

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The module will be sucess after that step only, so try to save and close NANO after it pops up a second time, that way it will jump to next step.

I also followed all the steps but it isn’t moving to the next step. It’s showing a toast message that “you should use squash option”