Test Runner Failed - Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object


I am stuck in part #1590.1 for a couple of days and read several online materials for squashing commits. My steps are:

(the first editing screen)

  1. Replace “pick” with an “s” next to all the existing commits (total 4 commits ) except the line “feat: add column references”.
  2. Press Ctrl + O and enter to save the change
  3. Press Ctrl + X for exit

(the second screen)

  1. Comment on the lines which are previously replaced with “s” by using # except for the line “feat: add column references”
  2. Press Ctrl + O and enter to save the change
  3. Press Ctrl + X for exit

However, my initial attempt does not pass the test. I try to use the hints but it still fails.

  1. I click the “Reset” button to reset the progress and attempt again but fail again.
  2. I click the “Soft Reset” of “Project Option”, and then I get the “Test Runner Failed” in part #20.1 Make Directory.

I do not know how to solve it and attempt this project anymore. Thanks for any help in advance.


Squashing commits means that you will take a bunch of commits and turn them into one. This is helpful to keep your commit history clean and something you want try to do. Replace pick with an s next to all your commits except the one with the message feat: add column references. When you are done, save and exit the file. You will find yourself in another instance of Nano. Don’t change anything in it yet.


  • Replace pick with an s next to the suggested commits
  • Save and exit the file by pressing ctrl+x then y then enter
  • The most recent commit message should be feat: add column references
  • To reset this lesson, make sure nano is closed. Then, hit reset and enter git rebase --interactive HEAD~5 after it’s done resetting

this seems wrong. I did this course very recently and I don’t recall having to do this on the second screen. (rather usually we were asked to add a specific new comment on the first line above the rest)

Can you reset and try again and this time when you get to the second screen take a screen shot of the instructions and the Nano screen and post them here in response?

Hi. The 2nd screen looks to edit the details of the commits I cannot continue this project anymore but I watch the video clip from YouTube. Apart from using # to comment the unwanted commit line, deletion of the lines are also possible.