Squash your commit that was for adding the sample.env

Hello there and @moT01,

I am having troubles to complete the following task:
Squash your commit that was for adding the sample.env.
I have done the task but it never completes, it shows “You should use the “squash” option” but does not completes.

*I have killed the terminal

  • I have reset the task
    *I have re-start and soft reset the editor
    *I have cleared the cookies and temp data
    *I have used the following: echo “const assert=require(‘assert’);describe(‘You’,()=>{assert(true);});” > ~/project/.freeCodeCamp/test/1730.test.js
    *tried again and still giving the same issue.

PLease could you help me out. I am stuck and I am at 96% to complete…

many thanks

I’m having the exact same issue, would appreciate a fix so I can complete this module :slight_smile:

the squash is tricky. You have to pick the correct line to add the s to in the interactive rebase.

I’ve been doing squashing and rebasing for like 4 years now, I’m just doing this to complete the BE module :slight_smile:

Just to ensure I was doing it correctly, I followed the hints and took a screenshot

what happens after you hit the ctrl-x and Y character after this?

then same thing as OP

when nano opened did you see a new instruction in the coderoad area pop up?
It should have said to write a new message on the top line?

Oh wow, that’s the issue! If you continue too fast and leave nano then it won’t know the lesson is done. You have to stay in Nano, then check if lesson complete.


Maybe its worth making that clearer, at the very least in the hints?

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Pls feel free to make that suggestion by opening a GitHub issue. (Instructions below)

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

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