Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object - Build an SQL Reference Object

So i started completing this project and i completed about 25% and went away and when i came back to learning i didn’t notice i was in the projects folder not the sql_reference folder and the git diff command i was asked for wasn’t completing the lesson so i tried to restart the lesson, restart the tutorial and i eventually tried to check the source control and for some reason decided to delete some files hoping that would fix the problem but obviosly it didn’t and i believe i deleted some files for the test to be checked if it passed and now i can’t complete any lessons. So my question is how can i fix this problem?

I think you have to delete the container that has the name of the current project “Learn Git…” from the codeally dashboard

You have to register and login to codeally to access it and after deletion you will be able to restart from scratch.


Thank you! It worked, now i can finally resume learning relational databases! :smiley:

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Good luck on the journey.