Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object

Help me with this problem!
I cant understand how to make tests pass!

it seems to be saying that you have extra spaces, possibly at the end of one of the lines you wrote. If the code is in a file try running the command
cat -vet <filename>

(replace <filename> with the file your program is in). This should display any weird characters like tabs etc.

Are you sure this task was in a “Bike-Rental-Shop”?
I just finished that course, and i didn’t have anything like in your screenshot

I can’t pass tests. I haven’t found any solution for 24 hours!

Does anyone have any solutions?

I can’t pass tests here. Need help!

hello, can you post a link to the fCC exercise for those of us who are too lazy to search for it?

hello again,

I was able to pass the step you are on, so I think maybe there is something we cannot see in your json file.

Maybe you can erase the lines and rewrite them?

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Finally you’ve helped me! Thank you!
I’ve edited json in explorer now not in terminal like before!

there is no need to open separate topics. You just need to add a new post to the old one (and this will make it rise up again so that people can see it in their feed)