Relational Database=>Git SQL reference: json tests not passing

I can’t get the tests related to editing the “sql_reference.json” file to pass. I believe there’s nothing wrong with the script. I followed a tip a saw in an earlier post here and commented out the first test; so it passed, the following went normally, until I had to add a new key (“drop”) to the json and got stuck again.
The first time I edited the file in nano, so I’m wondering if maybe this is the cause of the problem. Is there a way to clear all the progress in the tutorial and start over?

To restart the whole thing you can create an account on and then within the within it you can find the virtual IDE playground and delete the container for the course. Once the container is deleted then you can restart from scratch from fCC.

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Actually it worked fine after a reboot, sorry I asked before trying that… But thanks for this answer anyway, good to know!

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