Learn Git by Building SQL ... - Step 480 git log --oneline Commits are missing

Hi All,

It seemed that there may have been some server issues in the past few days as I hadn’t been able to get back in to make progress.

I was able to today and am on Step 480. The lesson seems simple enough – checking the git log --oneline and the result shows the one line logs.

However, it seems that my past commits have been eaten and are not showing up. (I only seem to have 2 commits showing instead of how the lesson mentioned 3 or 4 in each branch.)

Not sure if there is a way to resolve this? Do I need to start this tutorial over? (Or maybe there is something that I’m missing?)

Here are the directions of the step:

The commits and code from your feature branch were added to this branch. There’s a message with some info about the merge. Check the log with the --oneline flag again.