Learn git module

Hi, I think I was at around 90% in my forth attempt for the “learn git by building an SQL reference object” when CodeAlly crashed. On restarting my whole history vanished and I’m back in branch master. This has happened a few times before. Last time I was at around 80% when I had to attend some business, and CodeAlly had logged out. The first two times I thought I could just do it in more than one sitting. Today I had really committed with some sacrifice to do it in one sitting and it crashed. Is there a way to reset to where I was?

What do you see when you open the project @franegrao? You should be able to hit the reset button to get to the start of the step you were on.

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Ok, I see that I’m in the project folder, which is not the repository… I cd’d into sql_reference and it works fine. Guess I won’t forget about this for a while.
By the way, I found this tutorial quite hard to follow, so I gladly repeated it a few times. This last time I made a map on paper to try to keep track of the branches and operations and it helped a lot. I hope I’ll feel less lost when I’ll be writing my own code.