Learn HTML by building a cat photo app step 14

This step doesn’t seem to have adequate instructions. It’s the first time “target attributes” have been mentioned. It says to " Add a target attribute with the value _blank to the anchor", but it doesn’t say where to put it, or if “target” needs to be in there, or just “_blank”. This is what I thought it was saying to do but clearly not:
<p>Click here to view more <a _blank href="https://freecatphotoapp.com">cat photos</a>.</p>


An attribute is an attribute. The meaning of that term has already been covered. The intent here is that you follow the examples you wrote with src and href attributes.

This is not how you set the src or href attributes

okay so yes this is the first time they said the word ‘target’ but not the first time they said the word ‘attribute’.

Please review step 8 where attributes are first discussed.

I created a gif that can also help if you like to review it here:

As for how to include the code without the browser rendering it in the forum post, use the backtick method described below:

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Thanks, I’ve got it completed now but I don’t feel like I’m truly grasping the correct “grammar” here

Learning technical terms takes lots of time and practice

i posted a link earlier to a post I made to discuss elements and attributes.
You can take a look (there are 2 gifs there).
See if that helps you understand more.

I didn’t see the first gif the first time, but yeah I was looking at the one about attributes. Is there a way to slow these gifs down?

no worries, as it is a gif, you can’t slow it down but here is the next best thing

you can also google more about html elements as needed

Why is the “target=_blank” after the link? Don’t you need to open a new tab first to open the new link in a new tab? I can see how this could accomplish the same thing as what is accepted as the answer in this step but why is it placed after the link instead of the beginning?

actually you can place it anywhere within the tag.
(no order is required)

Some people stylistically may put the target to right of the href because the href is more important (an anchor after all is a link)

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