Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 2

i dont get idea how to right down code for cat Photoin html

Step 2 states as follows:

Below the h1 element, add an h2 element with this text:

Cat Photos

Code should be:


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please give solution how to right it would be like

cat photo

The h1 to h6 heading elements are used to show the importance of the content written below them.

So, in this case, the h1 element contains the title of the project => the most important element.

After the title, the instructions direct you to write the next element, h2, of a lower importance, below the the title of the project.

An example of how it would look, using h1 and h2 is:

<h1>Social Network App</h1> 
<h2>My friends' photos</h2>

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