Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 4

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I thought I did every step in the instructions but apparently not, these are my instructions:

In the previous step, you nested the h2 element, comment, and p element within the main element. Indenting nested elements two more spaces than their parent element improves readability:

  <li> This `li` element indented </li>
  <li> This `li` element is also indented </li>

Add two more spaces in front of the h2, comment, and p elements so your HTML is more readable.

  **Your code so far**
 <body>  <h1>CatPhotoApp</h1>
     <h2>  Cat Photos</h2>
   <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
     <p>  Click here to view more cat photos.</p>

This is what it tells me when I try to submit:

Your comment should be below the h2 element and start 6 spaces over from the start of the line.

Challenge: Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 4

Link to the challenge:

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HI @valeraye !

Welcome to the forum!

This looks like you are working on step 6.

Not step 4.

I would reset the lesson because it looks like your formatting is off.

The lesson wants to teach you about indentation.

Take the h2, p and comments tags and move them two spaces to the right.
Make sure not to touch anything else.

Hope that helps!

Okay, thank you. This really helped.

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