Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form - Step 11

Hi, I don’t undertand what this whole element is for:
<form action='https://register-demo.freecodecamp.org'></form>

I guess it’s explained later in the tutorial but I think I need to know now, I don’t understand how that link is related to whatever information the user gives in the form, is the information stored there? how?

Hi, what exercise is this related to? Which tutorial are you referring to?

The name of the course is in the title of my post, so is the step, it’s part of the Responsive Web Design certification taught in freecodecamp.org/learn

Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, it’s the first time I post here ^^

Hi @ramat ,

We are glad to have you post here. Feel free to ask any time.

The link you see in the action attribute is basically the file that will process the input that you submit. It is typically hosted on some kind of backend server and is normally hidden from the client side. I can share two resources that provide a little more information about this. In many modern applications, this particular attribute is not even used depending on how they have put the form together. Anyways, here are the links:

HTML input formaction Attribute.

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