Learn HTML forms by Building a Registration Form Step 30 (Oct 2023)

Step 30

You need to confirm that the user has read the terms and conditions.
The instructions are:
Add label element after the third fieldset, and a input element with type attribute of checkbox inside the newly added label element. Make this input element required because users should not sign up without reading the terms and conditions.

Don’t forget to add an id attribute of terms-and-conditions for accessibility.

My code for this fieldset is:

Account type (required) Personal Business

The error feedback is telling me:
Sorry, your code does not pass. Hang in there.

The input element should have an id of terms-and-conditions.

I do not understand what is missing.

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Thank you.

I have the same issue, here is my code:

    <label><input id="terms-and-conditions" type="checkbox"  required /></label>

My husband actually helped me figure out what I had wrong. The instructions say to " Add label element after the third fieldset" so I had to move the code to the place after the third fieldset. Hope this helps!

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Hello @legree.ann, please, if you have a question concerning your code, create your own post using the Help which appears after three unsuccessful attempts at any step in Responsive Web Design?

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