Learn Intermediate OOP by Building a Platformer Game - Step 116

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how do I set isCheckpointCollisionDetectionActive to false if not by using !isCheckpointCollisionDetectionActive or isCheckpointCollisionDetectionActive === false
step 116 tells me : *Inside the condition, you want to first set the *

  • isCheckpointCollisionDetectionActive to false.*
    Im doing just that and it does not work
    Also , this is how the variable is declared:
    let isCheckpointCollisionDetectionActive = true;

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/* file: script.js */
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      if ( !isCheckpointCollisionDetectionActive || index === checkpoints.length - 1) {
        showCheckpointScreen("You reached the final checkpoint!");

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Learn Intermediate OOP by Building a Platformer Game - Step 116

Originally, you were given the following code

      if (index === checkpoints.length - 1) {

You are not expected to modify that for the purpose of completing the step. Inside the condition if start by assigning false to the variable isCheckpointCollisionDetectionActive


isVariable = false;

The rest of the step is as shown.

The step requirement said ‘‘inside the condition’’ which I thought meant inside the paranthesis , initially led me to thinking that I have to write it there.Tanks