Learn Modern JavaScript Methods by Building Football Team Cards - Step 43

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Hey guys!
Can someone please help me with a hint on implicitly return! I have tried several others methods I google but, they are not corresponding with my code!

I used explicit return in the previous step but, I am stuck on the implicitly return

your help will highly be appreciated!

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//this is the one of the implicitly return

//I also tried this as well but, Your filter() callback should implicitly return the result of checking if player.position is forward.

setPlayerCards(players.filter((player)=>{ return player.position===forward}));

setPlayerCards(players.filter((player)=> player.position=forward));

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Learn Modern JavaScript Methods by Building Football Team Cards - Step 43

Your last try is very close - you need to check if player.position is forward not set it to forward

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Thanks Ambradnum , Let me get back to work :pray:

Is there a specific syntax for “is”? Because, I have tried all others equals and not equal signs but, none of them getting me through

What they want is for you to compare player.position to forward. You used the correct syntax for the comparison in your first two attempts, so you need to change your comparison in your third attempt

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I got it! Thanks once again Ambradnum :pray: