Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 1 - Build a Student Database: Part 1 - progress deleted

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Hello, after completing around 50% of the course unit (Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 1 - Build a Student Database: Part 1), I couldn’t go to the next step. I did a soft reset, and after it didn’t help, I restarted the course.

Then I had diffculties to even log into the course (it couldn’t start the virtual machine). I then did the course unit from the start (and for each step I had to log out of the psql in the terminal and log in [to the psql database] to proceed, otherwise it said that I had to be logged in psql to proceed). I thought, okay, I will just do it one more time, refreshing the knowledge won’t hurt me.

Yesterday, I reached around 85% of the unit and today my progress was set to 0%, even though I logged through the gitpod, as instructed (for those who did not finish the course and logged out).

Please tell me whether there is a way to go back to my yesterday’s progress?

Does it mean that now I cannot log out of freecodecamp to proceed without erasing my progress?

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Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 1 - Build a Student Database: Part 1

The CodeAlly VMs weren’t working correctly, so now the projects are available through GitPod, it doesn’t look like there is a way to get the progress from CodeAlly

And what about the previously completed units? Are they saved?

Ok, so this is live now? These lessons have been migrated from CodeAlly to Gitpod?

ie. If anyone is having problems with CodeAlly we can let them know to restart the lessons using the gitpod platform?

Sorry for the troubles everyone. If you are starting the project on Gitpod, you will have to start from the beginning.

If you previously started the course using CodeAlly, you may be able to finish by going to your dashboard, and continuing the project there.

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Thanks for the reply. What about the units finished with CodeAlly? Are they saved?

And: if I log out of Gitpod, will my progress be saved?

If you finished a project with CodeAlly, it’s completion should be saved to your freeCodeCamp account - meaning you will see the checkmark by that challenge on freeCodeCamp. The things you created in those projects (CodeAlly containers), will get deleted at some point. So if you want to save anything from those projects, you should go to your dashboard (linked above), open the project, and save the files to your computer or somewhere.

If you log out of gitpod, your gitpod projects will still be there for a little bit. You can learn more about how gitpod works here. I think it mentions in that post that gitpod will delete your project after 14 days - but you can pin it to save it longer. I also recommend looking over that post at some point to learn more about gitpod. Mainly, you can optimize your free usage by going to your preferences and lowering the default workspace timeout - that is how long before a project stops running - just stops running, you can open the project back up still.

If you logout out of freeCodeCamp before completing a course on gitpod, that course completion won’t get saved to your freeCodeCamp account (no checkmark).