Learn String Manipulation by Building a Cipher - Step 75

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I’m changing the condition of the if statement within the User Editable Region from to <char.isalpha()> as is written in the instructions, but I keep getting an error stating that my code doesn’t pass. I can’t figure out why it’s not passing.

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text = 'Hello Zaira!'
custom_key = 'python'

def vigenere(message, key, direction=1):
    key_index = 0
    alphabet = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
    final_message = ''

    for char in message.lower():

/* User Editable Region */

        # Append space to the message
        if char == ' ':
            final_message += char

/* User Editable Region */

            # Find the right key character to encode/decode
            key_char = key[key_index % len(key)]
            key_index += 1

            # Define the offset and the encrypted/decrypted letter
            offset = alphabet.index(key_char)
            index = alphabet.find(char)
            new_index = (index + offset*direction) % len(alphabet)
            final_message += alphabet[new_index]
    return final_message
encryption = vigenere(text, custom_key)
decryption = vigenere(encryption, custom_key, -1)

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Learn String Manipulation by Building a Cipher - Step 75

Hi. You haven’t changed the code, just pasted in the code that has to be edited. It would help if you show us the code that throws the error.

Below is the code that is throwing the error:

    # Append space to the message
    if char.isalpha() == ' ':
        final_message += char

Hello scully,

Right now your code is first returning True or False if the char is an alpha character, then comparing that True or False with ' '.
You only need to check if the char is a letter, you don’t need to compare it with a space.


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