Learn the Bisection Method by Finding the Square Root of a Number - Step 11

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I am not really understanding where to put the underscore (‘_’), I just need little help help understanding what this is about.

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def square_root_bisection(square_target, tolerance=1e-7, max_iterations=100):
    if square_target < 0:
        raise ValueError('Square root of negative number is not defined in real numbers')
    if square_target == 1:
        root = 1
        print(f'The square root of {square_target} is 1')
    elif square_target == 0:
        root = 0
        print(f'The square root of {square_target} is 0')

        low = 0
        high = max(1, square_target)
        root = None

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    for i in range(max_iterations):

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Learn the Bisection Method by Finding the Square Root of a Number - Step 11

good attempt but you won’t be using any i variable so you don’t need it. That’s where you use the underscore instead, as a placeholder for a variable you don’t need.

I have tried that but it is not working, I have the underscore in the place of the “i” but it still does not work.

show your code please
what error are you getting?

It says to use ‘_’ as the loop variable. You are using ‘i’ :palm_down_hand: :heart_hands:

I was having the same problem. For me, I played with the indenting and found mine was not where it should have been. I think that is what is going on in your code too.

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I believe it wants you to pass the function; adding a pass into the loop and replacing i with an underscore did the job for me :sunflower:

the “for” must be inside the “else”