Learn typography by building a Nutrition label step 43 and 50

Hello family, I really need this help

Step 43 : After your last .divider element, create a p element and give it the text Total Fat 8g 10% . Wrap Total Fat in a span element with the class set to bold . Wrap 10% in another span element with the class set to bold . Also wrap the words Total Fat 8g in an additional span element for alignment.

% Daily Value *

Total Fat 8g 10%

Step 50 : Now you will have to add separate dividers below your .no-divider elements.

Your first .no-divider element has a .divider after it. Create another .divider after your second .no-divider element.

% Daily Value *

Total Fat 8g 10%<p

Saturated Fat 1g 5%

this is where my problem is and I did it the right way but I don't know what is going on

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