Learn typography by building a nutrition label

Please am stocked on this someone should help?
it says create a new p element with the text Cholesterol 0mg 0% . Wrap the text Cholesterol in a span element, and give that span element the class of bold . Wrap the text 0% in another span element, with the class of bold . Finally, nest the Cholesterol span element and the text 0mg in an additional span element for alignment. but i did all that and still got errors?

Cholesterol 0mg0%

You always need to tell us both the name of the course and the step number. What is best is if you provide us a link to the step. And then you also need to show us your code so we can see what you have done.

The best way to do this is to use the ask for help button in the step. Keep clicking the check your code button and eventually the ask for help button will show up (it’s the small square button with the question mark in a circle). Using that button to ask for help will automatically include a link to the step and your current code.

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