Learn WordPres Step By Step

Anybody here to suggest me the web link or forum address to learn WordPress in Standard Way?
Thanx in advance.

Hello @imamcu07, from my experiences learning WordPress and the related topics I would now go about it in stages.

First learn WordPress as a user, not a developer. This was a mistake I definitely made. Track down a few courses on how to add new content to an existing website. Tons of YouTube videos for this. Have WordPress set up locally so you can play with it. The goal here is to get very familiar with the wp-admin area, and the basics of the WordPress way of doing things. I would not concern myself with the new Gutenberg editor, rather install a plugin called “Classic Editor” and learn WordPress that way as most all learning materials will be using the classic editor setup. Stay away from the “builders” at this stage, it will cloud the waters and slow down learning the basics. Builders like WPBakery/Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Elementor etc…

Once you are comfortable with that start understanding WordPress as a developer. Get a handle on what is a child theme and why you need one, what is the place of plugins in WordPress, and how to pick good ones. Don’t worry about PHP here, learn about using the skills you already know like HTML and CSS, and how to customize a website from a canned theme.

Once you get experience customizing the style and structure of someone else’s theme then you can get to the real fun, using PHP, jQuery , JavaScript to extend and change the functionality of a theme, or just create your own theme.

https://www.udemy.com/wordpress-for-beginners-create-a-website-blog-step-by-step/ ( paid)

Bit more advanced:
https://knowthecode.io/library/wordpress ( mixed free and paid, just do free )

This will get you started, and get you to the point where your know the WordPress vocabulary well enough to start to search intelligently for answers on your own.


Dear @rickstewart, thanx for your reply, I will follow your links one by one, then I will review your reply.