Where i can learn Wordpress?

I am a beginner with WordPress
Where I can learn WordPress well
Free code camp teaches WordPress
any other website teaches WordPress


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Why don’t you search for WordPress tutorials? I think freeCodeCamp doesn’t have one, but maybe their YouTube channel may have a lot. I think you should not learn WordPress as a course. I recommend some youtube channels such as WP Learning Lab & WP Crafter, etc.

Thank you,

I will check on Youtube.

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WordPress is very easy. Check on youtube and you will find thousands of videos. I have also learnt it from youtube and now I can create good websites like carpet cleaner picks

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Hello @codely

Well there are lots of resources out there. Stick to the free or nearly free.

Udemy goes on sale fairly often, and I tend to grab a course or two when it does. These tend to be introductory courses, but for someone starting out they are good.

Know the Code dives fairly deep into WordPress, but just do the free courses. I paid for 1 year and did learn quite a lot, but in my opinion it is not worth the money. But do do the free stuff. This is much more advanced stuff with lots and lots of PHP.

Laracasts has some good free courses in PHP and frameworks like Laravel. Also you’ll find courses on popular IDE’s, Git, CSS, JavaScript, etc.


That will get you going…

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Thank it helped me a lot

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You are very welcome. Good luck to you!