Learning about Linux

Hi, I’m learning Node.js for a couple of months and already feeling comfortable with basic concepts of it. Recently I was trying to learn more about how to create HTTPS connections so I dived into SSL, SSH keys etc. In lot of tutorials about it, the Linux and Ubuntu are being mentioned all the time. Should I learn more about Linux and how to set server on it etc.? Or is it too early and I should focus on more basics concepts since I’m beginner in whole back-end world? Will it be better learning all this server concepts already knowing how the linux works?

Personally, I suggest focusing on basics now, make a project on your local, test the functionality, grow the functionalities, and proof your skills, and then think about how I should put it online? because it’s plenty of websites/services which help you to do that (for example plenty of hosting nowadays will provide you with node.js hosting), so don’t worry about the Linux part.

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