Learning path for springboot

Hi I’m currently learning spring boot, I have medium knowledge in spring MVC
Should I learn or continue learning spring MVC or spring?
Or Focus all on spring boot
For landing a Java/spring-boot job

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Hey Vishnu,

nice to meet you! :wave:

If you are sure you want to land a Spring Boot job,
then I would focus on it.

I think it’s good advice to build multiple projects and learn when you want to choose which tool.

It also makes sense to have a look at the companies you want to work for and research which tools they use.

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Thanks @miku86
When I get interviewed they also ask for Spring and Spring MVC questions
Some companies go deep, where I fail there

Companies also expecting to know spring mvc when I came around.

Any ways that is a good hint building multiple projects can help me

Thanks Man!

It is better to acquire both so that you can choose which one serves your requirements most. Spring Boot is the latest trend and is easier to practice than Spring MVC. If you plan to make a highly scalable enterprise-level system, Spring Boot can be extremely helpful.

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Thank you @Naheed.
Yep will follow that