Is java spring framework similar to node/express?

When looking at jobs in my area, i see tons of places wanting you to know spring. Is it anything like node/express? I already took classes in java in college, so I’d thought it’d be interesting to see

I haven’t worked with spring but it’s the same concept as Ruby on Rails or express. It’s a MVC server side framework built on Java and associated technologies. It’s probably different but if you’re good with express and understand the concepts plus you know Java, you’d probably be able to pick up spring.

Good luck!

Dive deep into Spring Boot, it’s a starter pack. They even have a site to mouse-click generating configured projects. No command line at all. I hope those positions you saw are real (not recruiting company click bait) and hiring junior. For older languages like Java and C#, they all want 5+ years exp. Good luck and happy coding.