Nodal, a Node.js Framework

Hey fellow Campers!

I just wanted to let people know. If you are currently on the back-end section of the curriculum, you’re using Node.js, and you’re struggling to figure out a nice way to structure your application’s back-end. You can checkout a framework like Nodal.

If you’re familiar with the Ruby on Rails framework you’re going to like Nodal as well.

When I was doing the Vote App project, I simply put all my routes, middleware, and handlers all in two or three files. It was very cluttered and messy.

Since most of us are new to learning back-end I think everyone should follow a framework for the time being, before implementing your own structure.

This also allows us to easily test our application since everything is neat and modular.

I believe that this will help us when looking for a job, because the framework will help us look more professional.

EDIT: I forgot to add, I do realize that the Nodal framework is way to heavy for the simple backend projects that we are doing here on FCC. So if you want, you can copy the way they implement their controllers, models, and routes into your small projects.


Did you ever worked with Express.js? Cleveroad development company said, that it’s the best node js framework. And as I’m new in it, I need your opinion

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Yes I use express.js to abstract a lot of the nodejs implementation details. Express is a framework, but it is not very opinionated, and leaves things such as your model implementation solely up to you.

That being said, for our fcc projects, since they are small projects, I do recommend express as the framework of choice, but when it comes time to design your models ( assuming you’re using a MVC approach) you should look to other more opinionated frameworks for ideas, and immitate their structure.