Image Search Abstraction, Node.js structure and Testing Feedback

After completing the core FCC curriculum :tada:, I decided to re-write a handful of the projects to be more organized and testable. I’m still learning a lot and am interested in your feedback regarding the structure of my Node.js server code as well as your thoughts on testing.

Git Repo - in particular, the structure of /server/…

I’ve seen projects completed in a single app.js, and while I definitely appreciate the lack of boilerplate, random imports, etc. I’m drawn to what I preceptive to be a more modular approach. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.

Also, regarding testing, because I’ve gravitated towards Angular2 I’ll likely start out testing Node.js in Jasmine2 rather than Mocha/Chai. Does anyone have experience writing Node tests in either framework or have preferences? Also, has anyone attempted to apply tests to React?