Basic Node.js & Express curriculum is bad

I just finished the Node.js & Express FCC module, and I have to say, it is very poorly constructed, the lessons are severely lacking in explanation of terms or how things work, and also, some of the challenges I spent super long on only to find out was glitching out on me, and then after reloading the browser the challenge would go through, super frustrating, should atleast be put down as a “Note:” that glitch sometimes glitches out. I basically came away from the module with a very poor grasp of back-end development as I had to use the hint for most of the challenges and even after scrutinizing what they did it still makes little sense sometimes, also no explanation of how to set up the App.js file which seems pretty important, man, I know this is free but this module seriously could use some updating and improvement, thanks for all you do though FCC, I really appreciate it and will donate once I land my first dev job!