Back-end js framework

What are some of the good js frameworks to use in your backend applications, for storing user data, files… I know of node, any other

If it is a JS framework it is likely built on Nodejs.

There are a bunch of different frameworks for doing different things. If you are looking for a full kitchen sink back-end framework I’m not sure what to suggest.

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When it comes to backend JS you have to use node.js as a runtime envirement (it is not a framework), the most used stack is probably Express.js and MongoDB combined with node, they are widely used in stacks like MERN, MEAN, MEVN.
But there are others like Feathers.js, Nest.js, etc. It really depends on what you are looking for.

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Just to be clear nodejs is not a framework. Its a JS run-time environment, in the same way a browser acts like a JS run-time environment. A run-time environment is more or less a place where a language can be parsed, executed and provided with set of apis to interact with. Take for example the humble console.log call. In the browser this spits out text to the browser console, but in nodejs it spits it out to the run-time environment/system itself. Both codes are the same, but where and that it does is different.

Generally nodejs is more or less the only realistic option for a non-browser run-time environment. Even stuff like Electron use nodejs under the hood.

If your looking for frameworks to leverage within nodejs, see above. Stuff like express (web-server), will help you build some applications. Other use-cases could be Electron (desktop apps), build tools, cli interfaces, helper scripts, etc etc.

Back-end is a bit of a nebulous term.

Some people learned the application structure Front-end to Middleware to Back-end, where the front-end is a user experience layer, back-end is purely a data storage layer, and middleware is whatever connects the frontend to the backend.

Increasingly, people are using these terms differently, they use front-end to refer to client-side development and back-end to refer to server-side development. This way of differentiation basically merges the middleware and back-end into generally back-end.

It sounds like you are specifically referring to just data persistence, but it’s confusing that you listed Node as your example which is a Run Time Environment and you are looking for a Framework which is generally referring to the middleware, things you use to access data stores.

If you’re looking for frameworks that access databases, it depends on your database. Are you accessing and SQL database or NoSQL database? What type of NoSQL?

The thing about NoSQL is that you typically can just access your data via a fairly simple driver API, there’s not a lot of dedicated ORM/ODM written for that purpose, but Mongoose for mongoDB is one of them.

For SQL DB, an ORM is typically more accessible than to use native drivers, and a popular one for js is Sequelize

Of course, that only covers the data access layer, you also need something that to present data to the front-end, we’re talking web-servers. The most popular one is obviously ExpressJS, but there are also companies that uses alternatives like Koa and Hapi .

There isn’t really a 1 framework to rule them all for backend development in the javascript space because it’s so fast and modular.