Is it ok to learn in express.js before node.js

Is it ok to learn in express.js before node.js

Despite how they are named, node.js and express.js are not directly comparable.

Node.js, is a runtime for JavaScript. This means Node.js can run JavaScript code, and use it to “do stuffs”. Traditionally when you think of JavaScript, you think of the browser as the place “it runs”. Node.js can support most of what the browser supports, but not everything. Such as accessing the DOM is not possible in nodejs. On the flipside nodejs provides access to things the browser doesn’t, such as the file-system itself.

The language is the same, but how it’s used by the computer (via the runtime environment) is different.

Express.js on the other-hand is a library/framework that can help you create a web-server. This library runs within nodejs.

So it’s true you can “learn” how to use Express.js before nodejs, but to “learn nodejs” means understanding what nodejs provides for you, and how to leverage it. You’d already learn most of how it works by using Express.js just through using it.

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