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Can you all help me with learning programming ? I have recently started learning programming (Java) ,I can understand different basic concepts but whenever I try to solve different questions based on that concept I fail to do it. Any particular way I should follow while learning that can help me ? How much time it took for you to learn programming ?

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Programming is difficult and takes a while to learn - that’s why it pays well. Struggling is normal. You just keep working at it.

How much time it took for you to learn programming ?

That depends on what you mean by “learn programming”. Your understanding of what that means will keep changing.

Just learn and build things. That’s the key. Try to code every day.


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I actually used to be a professional java developer. I learned java in school and I was pretty bad at it at first because I didn’t study its concepts and practice enough.
However, when I started writing java code everyday, this changed quickly. I became an expert. So if you are struggling with how to use the language, just practice it more.

If you are struggling with writing algorithms, well that also takes practice. You should try to practice solving the algorithm on paper first (or in psuedocode first). The more you try to work out the main parts of a problem and the issues that you may face before starting to write any code, the better you will get at this. There is also some formal studies you can do to help give you ideas on how to write advanced algorithms but I am guessing you are just interested for now in learning some basic algorithmic skills and for that, you can try the method of writing down the algorithm in steps first. The more you do it the better you will get.

hope this helps.


Thanks for commenting and yes I have not spent enough time practising that might be the reason it will take time for me .

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I know the very basics but struggle with solving problems :face_exhaling:

That is normal. It just takes time and practice. Computers can’t think the way we do so we have to learn to think the way they do - it takes time.


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