Basic Algorithm scripting taking too long time

Hi All,
I am at Basic Algorithm scripting , before that all programs i have done, but at this state i feel i dont know anything , some time i know few logic but dont know how to put to gather. sometime dont know how and where to start. After long time i search in google and try to write program.

IS it normal or i am very poor at logic how you all start , i mean begin to try program.

Please guide me i really need to work on my programming skills.
Dont know will i be a good developer and land a job.


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Hello @manjulam83
In my opinion it is normal. Sometime I solve the problem within seconds and sometime it take so long, sometime after taking some time when I got the right answer, it feels pretty easy which I know already.

I guess all we need is practice. So my suggestion is to keep practicing and you will become more fast and accurate. So wish you and everyone else a very good luck.

Happy Coding! :smile:


thank you. I am just Googling and adding the code, is it correct or do i need to write myself. how to begin to start writing code.

For most (95%) of the Basic Algorithm challenges, the information found on the pages which are referenced in the Hints section of the challenge description should be all you need to read to come up with a solution. If you don’t understand something you read and have some code written that is not working, then just post a message here in the forum and someone will try to point you in the right direction. Copying and pasting code from something you find on another website is not going to help you learn as well as thinking and trying stuff out on your own.

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I got stuck on some of the basic algorithms for days, and I’ve solved some of the intermediate ones in minutes… I think it’s normal to be struggling at that point… just keep powering through and try to solve them yourself and you will improve.

Thanks alot guys, I think i am overthinking and considering myself that i am poor in logic, but when i read the problem i understand that i need to use this logic, its slowly developing in me, so i need to learn more and practice more examples to get knowing the logic.

Thanks again

Keep trying and don’t give up.

When I run into something that gives me a problem, I research the hell out of it, then break it down into steps and try to implement that way (if possible).

I find I get a deeper understanding of whatever it is I am trying to learn. Sometimes, you need to take a break from that and move on to something else and come back to it after a day or two.

The key is not to become discouraged.

It will surely take time that’s why they give you 50 hours to solve 17 problems that’s roughly around 3 hours per problem.

Some problem you get quite easily but others may be difficult I take a break and keep thinking about those problems some times the best idea come up while taking showers.

So just don’t give up.